Bed Linen Melbourne

As a premium Australian importer, we take pride in sourcing quality bed linen. Our dedicated team constantly visit major international exhibitions and our aim is taking the latest in local and overseas concepts and transforming them into innovative, competitive products offering maximum returns. We import our very own CLIFTON AVENUE bed linen – fine hotel quality 100% cotton white plain and sateen stripe sheet sets with a comfortable 40cms drop, in fact extra pillow cases can be purchased separately. Equally important, we stock options of popular designs in easycare poly/cotton quilt cover sets. We have you covered!

In addition, for over 40 years Pearls have kept you and your loved ones warm with their luxurious Australian Made cassette-style goose and duck quilts/pillows and have now added indulgent Hungarian Goose Down to our range. With proper care, these best selling products -with significantly higher than standard filling weights, can last a lifetime.

In a nutshell-we make sure we have you covered!

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Pearl’s Manchester Also Proudly Offer

  • Pearls own premium luxury down quilts & pillows
  • Healthguard quilts & pillows
  • Pillow & mattress protectors
  • Vintage pillow cases & sheet sets
  • Genuine Cluny h’work Cherub curtains

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